Catalunya – prologue


In 2009, we hosted an exchange student from Manlleu, Catalunya, Spain.  Ariadna is a fan of FC Barcelona, but she is actually extremely bright and well educated.  😉 I enjoyed talking to her about her homeland.  The customs, way of life, the history of Catala, and the recent ‘revolutionary’ nationalism.

A walk through the mountains by the sea takes you past monasteries, menhirs, and dolmen.  Crumbling abandoned mas are testament to the agricultural past and present and literally hundreds of castells in varying states of repair litter the countryside

Going back further in time, you can visit poblats iberics, pre-Roman settlements that have been excavated, revealing life before the conquest, and one can also find traces of the Phoenician and Greek past in museums and excavations.  The Roman history is highly visible in Empuries, Barcelona and Tarragona.

If you are going to roam the countryside, and want to visit the various locations listed herein, it would be great to verify whether or not a particular object or destination is on private property. Always enter a property with the expressed permission of the owner! DO NOT TRESPASS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM ANY PROPERTY WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED CONSENT OF THE LANDOWNER!!!

Enjoy your stay.

So, how about we get going?