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We will look into the area around Colera, Cap Marcer to Cap Ras, inland along the Serra de Socarrador, northward along Serra de la Balmet, to France and back to the sea.  Highlights include the abandoned town of Molinars, overlooked by a medieval castell, and several dolmens.  There is also a seaside Art Parc.

Colera is well known for its beaches.  Tourism is the leading industry of the area.  There are several different festivals held there:  Carnaval al Trull, (February), a Concurs de Cuina (April), Festa Petita (May), Setmana Gastronomica de la Mel Novella (June), and the Festa Major in September.

Catalan Translation of the Day:

  • ermita – hermitage
  • jaciment – site
  • moli – mill
  • conreu – crop

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  • Els Canons  – 42.402834N  3.162405E
  • Els Molinars  – 42.407393N  3.105397E  abandoned town
  • Castell de Molinas  – 42.402481N  3.105311E
  • Cova d’en Rombau  – 42.408724N  3.116103E
  • Ermita de Sant Miquel de Colera – 42.39968N  3.094937E
  • Alimara – 42.395367N  3.094524E  medieval structure/small settlement
  • Dolmen del Puig d’Esquers  – 42.391722N  3.096368E
  • Puig d’Esquers II  – 42.392974N  3.096465E
  • Necropolis del Pla dels Capellans  – 42.39796N  3.101395E
  • Dolmen dels Capellans  – 42.395392N  3.105370E
  • Mas Patiras  – 42.386833N  3.102200E  abandoned farm
  • Dolmen del Mas Patiras  – 42.390668N  3.102731E
  • Mas Tarragona  – 42.421148N   3.104469

Merci Jihemme for the molt bon fotito!

Jihemme has accumulated a wonderful Panoramio photo album that has a listing of all of the Lat/Long coordinates for every dolmen and menhir that he has visited.  Very comprehensive and informative.  Amazing work, Jihemme!  Visit his page and you will be rewarded.



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