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Vilamaniscle and Rabos

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Vilamaniscle is a town bounded by Llanca to the east, Rabos to the west, and Garriguella. The economy is based on agriculture:  olives and viniculture. Many of the citizens work outside of town, mainly in Figueres.   A bucolic setting reminiscent of Tuscany.  Evidently, the wines of this area are well liked throughout Spain.  There is a small castell in town.

Rabos, or Rabos d’Emporda, lies west and north of Vilamansicle and encompasses a larger area out to Espolla.  Vines and olives are well represented here, as well.

Vilamaniscle has a festa in May called the Aplec de Sant Silvestre, celebrating traditional dance.  In August, there is a Jazz and Wine festival at the beginning and the Festa Major de Sant Gil at the end.

Rabos has a Festa Major  de Reis de Rabos in early January, the Festa Major de Delfia (August) and the Festa de Sant Julia i Santa Basilissa (Sept).

Catalan translation of the day – 

  • muralla – thick ancient walls, think mural
  • coneixement – learning
  • abric – shelter



Vilamaniscle and Rabos:

  • El Rajoleria de Delfia  – 42.356118N  3.029308E
  • ermita de Sant Roma de Delfia  – 42.355515N 3.032168E
  • Pont del Rabos  – 42.378828N  3.029995E
  • Castell de Vilamaniscle   (Can Gorgot) – 42.375531N  3.067063E
  • Vaulted alleyway  – 42.375189N  3.068112E
  • Barraca d’en Soler  – 42.376675N  3.047856E
  • Pedra del Pla d’Elena  – 42.369453N  3.043119E  inscultures
  • Pedra Dreta de Mas Roque  – 42.390521N  3.056251E
  • Casal del Colomar – 42.404256N  3.06499E
  • Pedra de Mas Mallol  (I & II)-  42.40777N  3.06033E
  • Menhir del Mas Noguer  – on the Cami de Sant Quirz (?)
  • Inscultures del Coll d’Abella  – 42.376617N  3.052955E (?)
  • Sant Quirze de Colera  – 42.416233N  3.059864E
  • Sant Silvestre de Valleta  – 42.370031N  3.097876E
  • Dolmen Coll del Dolfines  – 42.404831N  3.076871E
  • Dolmen del Passatge  – 42.391780N  3.087813E
  • Sant Marti de Vallmala  – 42.388417N  3.087233E
  • Pont a Rabos  –  42.3778818N  3.030068E
  • Sant Julia i Santa Basilissa  – 42.378991N  3.028686E
  • Dolmen de Comes Llobes  – 42.43486N 3.050809E
  • Dolmen de Coma de Felis  – 42.400421N  3.034238E
  • Menhir del Orlina  – 42.393039N  3.028045E
  • Dolmen de Sola  – 42.426304N  3.038801E  (?)
  • Dolmen d’en Gibert  –  42.426545N 3.045005E (?)
  • Castell de Querus-Alba  – 42.409496N  3.067339E

I have seen references to the dolmen de Sola(r), dolmen d’en Gibert and the dolmen de Sola(r) d’en Gibert.  Would really like to know if these are actually three separate dolmens, one being referred to in three different ways, or something else.  Clarity is helpful.


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