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Capmany, Cantallops and the Paratge Natural de l’Albera

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Capmany is a typical small Catalan town.  Has some remains of the original fortress.  An agri co-op, a couple of churches, soccer pitch, squares.  Just west of the A7, in the vicinity of the Cami dels Banys, there is an excavation site, with a poblat and other neolithic findings.

The yearly festival in Capmany is the Festa del Ranxo, celebrated on Mardi Gras.  They serve soup at noon and party the rest of the day with Carnaval activities and traditional Catalan foods and wine.

Cantallops also has its medieval castell and two early churches (esglesias).  They celebrate the Festa Major at the end of August.  There is also a festa the last week of October.

The dolmen and menhir of Vinya del Monera have been removed from their original location in Capmany and now rest in Barca outside of the archaeological museum.

Catalan translation of the day  – 

  • escola  – school – think esquela, ecole
  • aigua  – water
  • estany  – lake

Capmany  – 



  • Dolmen del Roquetar  – 42.382813N  2.860579E
  • Tumul de Mas Rumbau  – 42.380940N  2.872941E
  • Pont dels Banys de la Merce  – 42.366757N  2.895101E
  • Menhir Vidal  – 42.376128N  2.899350E
  • Menhir del Mas Armet  – 42.376839N  2.897722E
  • La pedra dels Sacrificis (la pedra Oscillant)  – 42.374424N  2.90505E
  • Placa del Dolmen  – 42.372040N  2.921803E
  • defensive towers and walls  – 42.372592N  2.921650E
  • Sant Agata  – 42.372583N  2.921087E 
  • ermita de Sant Sebastia  – 42.374218N  2.920311E
  • Dolmen del Mirgoler  – 42.38499N 2.90556E
  • Dolmen del Quer Afumat  – 42.39084 2.92066E
  • Menhir del Quer Afumat  – 42.39380N  2.91115E
  • Dolmen de la Verneda   – 42.39195N  2.92908E

Cantallops  – 


  • Mas de Bell-Lloc  – 42.390688N  2.941750E
  • Monestir de Sant Bartomeu de Bell-lloc  – as above
  • Mas Flaquer  –  42.406187N  2.937341E
  • Ca l’Aniol  –  42.414489N  2.919777E
  • Palissa del Carrer  –  42.422775N  2.92619E
  • Sant Esteve  – 42.422506N  2.925072E
  • Castell de Cantallops  – alongside Sant Esteve
  • Cova d’en Xuliman  – 42.421263N  2.911160E
  • Dolmen del Mas Baleta I  –

    42.40145N  2.91501E

  • Mas Baleta II 42.39996N  2.91362E
  • Mas Baleta III 42.40024N  2.91436E
  • Dolmen de Puig Gros  – 42.42967N  2.94044E
  • Dolmen de Coma de Galls  – 42.426807N  2.948295E
  • Dolmen del Coll de Madàs I  – 42.43159N  2.94143E

  • Col de Madas II  – 42.43133N  2.94256E
  • Col de Madas III  – 42.43129N  2.94200E
  • Inscultures de Madas  – 42.431547N 2.940416E
  • Dolmen de Collet de Baix  – 42.44076N  2.93220E

  • Dolmen de Mas dels Bouencs   – 42.44120N  2.94079E


The Castell de Requesens is situated in the municipality of La Jonquera.  La Jonquera has an odd shape to it, with an eastward extension that stretches from the A7, latitudinally, along the border with France.   This entire section has been designated Paratge Natural d’Interes Nacional de ‘Albera.  (Albera National Nature Park if that helps)  It appears to be easier to access this section from the south, starting in Cantallops or Sant Climent.  Requesens is quite spectacular, having been restored some time ago, it is rather grand, perched in a commanding position overlooking the natural park of l’Albera.  Definitely worth a glance.  From what I can tell, Requesens is now apparently owned by Shakira.  Forbid……….

If there are any discrepancies, feel free to notify me through my comments pages or via email.  Thanks!   E


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