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la Jonquera and Agullana

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At the Coll del Pertus, the A7 crosses the border into France, following the path of the Via Augusta, meeting the Via Domitia at the top of the pass.  The TGV also passes through here.  La Jonquera has several ages covered – Neolithic, Roman, medieval, modern wartime, etc.

Wildfires tore through Alt Emporda in 2012, killing four people.  La Jonquera was seriously affected, according to BBC News, and as seen in many personal photos online.

There is a thriving prostitution business in el Perthus.  I bet the townspeople really appreciate being known for that, but these days, money talks, and they need it.  The headline from the NY Times spoke of the women being ‘enslaved’ at a particular brothel there.  Oh dear.

La Jonquera has a Festa Major in the beginning of September.

Catalan Translation of the Day:

  • baix  – lower, think baja, base
  • mirador – overlook, think mira (look!)
  • perden – they lost

La Jonquera – 

East of A7

  • Santa Maria de la Jonquera  – 42.417271N  2.873510E
  • Ca l’Armet  –  42.417245N  2.873644E
  • Torre Adossada  –  42.417534N  2.874298E
  • Torre Adossada  –  42.418097N  2.875392E
  • muralla defensiva de la Jonquera  – 42.417473n  2.874193E
  • El Llatzerat  –  42.419555N  2.874440E
  • Torrico de Guardia  –  42.418455N  2.876738E
  • Torre de Carmanxel  –  42.419356N  2.876693E
  • Dolmen de Banya de Saus –  42.43762N 2.93853E
  • Dolmen de Mas Baleta I – 42.40145N 2.91501E
  • Dolmen de Mas Baleta II – 42.39996N 2.91362E
  • Dolmen de Mas Baleta III  – 42.40024N 2.91436E
  • Dolmen dels Estanys I – 42.39674N 2.90535E
  • Dolmen dels Estanys II – 42.39563N 2.90557E
  • Dolmen dels Estanys III – 42.39975N 2.90335E
  • Menhir dels Estanys I -42.39426N 2.90592E
  • Menhir dels Estanys II – 42.39406N 2.90748E
  • Castell/Torre, Insculpida & Sant Jaume de Canadal  – 42.410730N  2.882699E
  • Dolmen de Canadal  – 42.41129N 2.89381E
  • Roc del Napolita  –  42.419881N  2.883520E
  • Santa Llucia – 42.427115N  2.894683E
  • Castell de Rocaberti  –  42.436875N  2.883900E
  • Dolmen dels Mesclants (Gorg Negre)  – 42.429531N  2.953273E
  • Dolmen de Pedreguers (Sant Pere) – 42.44650N 2.88509E
  • Sant Pere de Pla de l’Arca  – 42.4470053  2.897151E
  • Santa Maria de Requesens  –  42.443506N  2.944899E
  • Castell de Requesens  – 42.446420N  2.944379E
  • Mare de Deu de Requesens  – 42.450536N  2.9838253E

West of A7  –

  • Possible dolmen  – 42.418980N  2.863384E
  • Torre Carlina de Serrat de la Placa  – 42.416396N  2.869872E
  • Via Augusta section   – 42.438795N  2.864771E
  • Camps del Forn del Vidre  – just north of V. A.
  • Sant Marti del Forn del Vidre  –  42.444274N  2.865779E
  • Mas Llonch  –  42.430220N 2.836931E
  • el Surotell  –  42.428976N  2.833614E
  • Balma d’en Llong  – 42.431898N  2.831587E
  • Sant Julia dels Torts  – 42.438640N  2.839382E
  • Torre dels Burots  –  42.454413N  2.856964E
  • Santa Maria de Panissars  – 42.455074N  2.854163E
  • Fort de Bellegarde  – 42.458510N  2.859189E

Agullana  – 

  • Dolmen de la Llosa de la Jaca d’en Torrent –  42.389705N  2.889737E
  • Dolmen de la Barraca del Lladre 42.38694 2.89255
  • Roc del Frare (Pedra Dreta)  –  42.380958N  2.845464E
  • Santa Maria de l’Estrada  –  42.392094N  2.867968E
  • Vinya de Can Perxes  – 42.393306N  2.873440E
  • Cami de la Pla Palaus  –  42.394115N  2.875435E (ancient road)
  • Via Augusta  – 42.395806N  2.876224E
  • Menhir de Palaus  –  42.401352N  2.873740E
  • Moli de Can Carbonell  – 42.390997N  2.863470E
  • Santa Maria d’Agullana  – 42.394123N  2.846682E
  • Mas Gros  – 42.421556N  2.849257E
  • Menhir dels Planers  – 42.427133N  2.852127E
  • Dolmen de Rocalba  – 42.41288 2.86147
  • Menhir de Can Puig  –  42.403020N  2.841674E
  • Necropolis de Can Bech de Baix  – 42.404185N  2.829291E
  • Santa Eugenia  –  42.416756N  2.828604E

There are several monumental trees in Agullana.  Cork is a major industry in this area, as well as vines and olives.  There are two major festivals in Agullana every year, Fira de Pasqua i Aplec (Easter) at the ermita de Sta Eugenia, and the Festa de la Xuia.  Festa de la Xuia is celebrated in early March and it is centered around what we in the US might call a ‘breakfast burrito’.  It’s a tortilla with eggs, bacon and sausage and they are given to the children.  There is also wine involved.  Sounds like my kind of festival.  There is also the Festa de Santa Maria in mid-August.  Read more here:  http://www.festacatalunya.cat/articles-mostra-1588-cat-festa_de_la_xuia_a_lagullana.htm

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