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Llanca lies between Colera to the north and La Selva.  Extensive history: pre-, Iberic, Roman, medieval.  Beautiful beaches, lots of sun, wine, quiet streets, and the Parc Natural de Cap de Creus make this area well worth a visit.

The Festa Major de Sant Vicenc is celebrated in January with dancing, food and a blessing of the animals.  In June, they celebrate the Jornades Gastronomiques (food tours) de l’Escamarla (longline trawlers), featuring seafood.  Then there is the festa Sant Joan the last week of June.  The Festa del Carme is in Mid-July, as well as the Empordalia, a celebration of the products of the area.  There are several art fairs and markets in the summer in town.  Then in mid August, you have the Festa d’Estiu, and the Festa Major is the last weekend of August.


Catalan Translation of the Day – 

  • Cavall  –  horse – think cheval, caballo
  • Llop  – wolf – think lobo
  • Gat  –  cat  – think gato, chat

Llanca  –

  • Paratge de Venture  –  42.349886N  3.154213E
  • Colomar de Venturer  –  42.347812N  3.149621E
  • Torre Carolingia de Illot de Castella  –  42.372532N  3.164704E
  • Mare de Deu – (Santa Maria)  –  42.368550N  3.158315E
  • Casa fortificada  – 42.363677N  3.153130E
  • Torre de la Placa  –  42.363354N  3.151967E
  • Torre del Homenatge  & Sant Esteve –  42.363096N  3.151665E
  • Carrer Dins la Vila  – La Corralassa –  42.363213N  3.151221E
  • Palau de l’Abat  –  42.362790N  3.151579E
  • arched overpass  –  42.362626N  3.149505E
  • Antic Moli de Vent  –  42.361670N  3.150226E
  • Esglesia d’Amunt  –  42.359733N  3.146993E
  • Mas d’en Guifre  –  42.356910N  3.146432E
  • Barraca de Pedra  –  42.35542oN  3.143431E
  • Colomar de Clara  –  42.348982N  3.125994E
  • Cami de Madres  –  42.355182N  3.119924E
  • Veinat de Valletta  –  42.353589N  3.109356E
  • St Genis del Terrer  –  42.362279N  3.114961E
  • Dolmen de Puig Tifell   –  42.37513N  3.11584E
  • Dolmen de Puig del Llop I –  42.377540N 3.105821E
  • Dolmen de Puig del Llop II  –  42.382560N 3.102203E
  • Sant Silvestre de Valleta  – 42.369832N  3.098033E
  • Sant Marti de Vallmala (Fontanet)  –  42.388451N  3.087240E
  • Dolmen del Passatge (Tomba del Abat)  –  42.391749N  3.087802E
  • Dolmen del Puig D’Esquers I  –  42.391727N  3.096362E
  • Dolmen del Puig D’Esquers II –  42.39178N  3.09636E
  • Alimara  –  42.397728N  3.092716E

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Esquers, Llop and Tifell have also been included in the Colera post because they are reachable from either side of the Serra and can be included in itineraries from each direction.


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