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Garriguella and Masarac

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Catalan Translation of the Day  –

  • edifici  – building, think edifice
  • trobat  –  found, think trove
  • segle  –  century
  • llinde  – lintel

Garriguella lies at the foot of l’Albera.  It is noted for cultiu de seca, dry agriculture.  Cereals, olives and vines.  There is a center for tortoise reproduction that makes its home in Garriguella (Centre de Reproduccio de Tortugues de l’Albera). Garriguella celebrates the Fira de la Garnatxa i del Brunyol (Grenache and fritters) in mid April, and the Festa Major in mid-August.

  • Can Trobat  –  42.340838N  3.064621E
  • Sant Eulalia de Noves/Sagrera de Santa Maria  – 42.342348N  3.064823E
  • Santuari de Mare de Deu del Camp –  42.351789N   3.066173E
  • Puig d’en Bueno/Bramon/Dinarells   –  42.354128N  3.055143E
  • Moli de Vent  – 42.345279N  3.058609E
  • Capella de Sant Sebastia/Can Teio  –  42.343881N  3.057211E
  • Can Panseta  –  42.342996,3.055423
  • Can Torres  –  42.343073N  3.055873E
  • Torre de la Muralla –  42.342821N  3.056133E
  • Mas de n’Hortus  – 42.343049N   3.035367E
  • Torre de la Mala Veina/bunker  –  42.330950N  3.036800E
  • Necropolis/Les Fosses  –  42.325523N  3.060937E
  • Les Fosses d’en Pere Compta  – 42.335834N  3.065743E

Masarac is a pretty little town.  They have a Festa Major in early April and another in early November.  The annual Onion festival is the beginning of March.   The river valley, riera d’Anyet, is a natural park.  Vilarnadal is a hamlet southwest of Masarac.

  • Barraca del Moliner  –  42.336252N  2.970007E
  • Mas Sala  –  42.342607N  2.981399E
  • bunker  –  42.351428N  2.977300E
  • Esglesia de Sta Maria de l’Om  –  42.351464N  2.980621E
  • Esglesia de St Marti  –  42.351511N  2.972969E
  • Esglesia de St Pere  –  42.341330N  2.952957E
  • Castell de Vilarnadal  –  42.340695N  2.954365E

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