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‘But, there’s this one particular harbor…’                                  thank you, Jimmy Buffett

… and it is surrounded by the port town of Cadaques.  The economy depends on fishing, vines and tourism.  A particularly interesting group of objects are the norai that are scattered around the harbor edge.  They were used to moor the barques that traveled through the port.

There are many historically listed buildings/houses in the area.  The cementiri has a collection of very interesting, important monuments.  In Portlligat, there is a casa-museum dedicated to Salvador Dali who lived there after returning from New York.

Like in many ancient cities, ruins are located under other buildings.  Such is the case with an older burial site located under the esglesia Sta. Maria that was found while performing restoration work.

There are several festes held every year.  The first is the Sunrise festival, January 1st, at the Far del Cap de Creus.  Hot chocolate is served, gratuitament!  On the twentieth of January, the festa de Sant Sebastien is held.  Then in February, they celebrate Carnaval at the appropriate time.  April brings la Setmana Cultural, where the town’s inhabitants revive and celebrate the local dialect.  American Indians are celebrated here in May or June during the Fira d’Indians.  July 16th, there is a procession, by boat, of the Mare de Deu del Carme, as well as regattas and other festivities.  August brings the annual international music festival.  September 11th, Diada de Catalunya, is the date of the Festa Major of Cadaques.  Lastly, December 18th, they celebrate the Festa Major d’Hivern, the winter festival.  Do these people rest?

Catalan Translation of the Day  – 

  • menys – less
  • perduts – lost
  • baixat – lowered

LInks – 




  • Far del Cap de Creus –  42.318953N  3.315867E
  • Es Gentils de Culip  –  42.322997N  3.307132E
  • old lighthouse  –  42.302325N  3.303280E
  • Mas Rabassers de Baix  –  42.318237N  3.286232E
  • Barraca de sa Pedrera  –  42.310107N  3.300997E
  • Coll de la Freita  –  42.311088N  3.281938E
  • Coll de les Guatlles (Moli de Balasco)  –  42.314611N  3.274784E
  • Es Conventets  –  42.309497N  3.273525E
  • Mas d’en Duran (equestrian center!)  –  42.302319N  3.273558E
  • Creu del Cementiri  –  42.291898N  3.284204E
  • Castell de Sant Jaume  –  42.290294N  3.280739E
  • Antiga Farmacia  –  42.288959N  3.281114E
  • Can Xirau  –  42.287612N  3.276778E
  • Casa del Baro de la Roda  –  42.287558N  3.276565E next to Xirau
  • Can Puignau  –  42.287640N   3.276364E
  • Palau del Governador (la Rectoria)  –  42.288055N  3.276975E
  • Castell de Cadaques (Es Baluard de sa Fusta)  –  42.287492N  2.277272E
  • Es Portal de Mar de la Muralla  –  42.28743N  3.27567E
  • Santa Maria  –  42.288066N  3.275581E
  • Turo d’es Fondal  –  same as above
  • Antic Hospital municipal – 42.287947N  3.275211E
  • Cadaques Vell  –  42.288239N  3.274757E
  • Front maritim de Cadaques  –
  • Ses Voltes de Port Alguer (Portdoguer)  –  42.286939N  3.276072E
  • Sant Sebastia de Peni  –  42.276571N  3.255671E
  • Oratori dels Dolors  –  42.291490N  3.265104E
  • Mas de la Sala  –  42.263680N  3.269126E

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