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Everything is coming up Roses…  because it is alive with extensive cultural and historic importance.

Roses is definitely worth an extended stay.  Every phase of notable history is represented in this community.  It was an important trade stop in ancient times, has survived pirate raids, and eons of war.  The Ciutadella is a highlight, as well as the Visigothic castrum at Puig Rom.  Roses occupies the southern coastal portion of Cap de Creus and is surrounded by the national park.

Anywho…..  I actually built an entire page and was ready to post it on here, and my computer went kablooey.  Not being one to dabble in redundancy, I am not going to redo all of that research to make a whole new post.  When I get the info off the old hard drive I will post it.  Until such time, I am simply going to move on to the next municipality.

I am really looking forward to getting this post finalized, so I hope I can be forgiven for leaving it out for the time being.  Thankfully, though, my husband was fabulous enough to have gone out and picked up this amazing new Dell/Gateway/Windows8 beasty that has all of the bells and whistles a blogger could wish for, i.e. bigger screen; faster this, that and the other thing; and it’s so much quieter.

One thing they have is Megalithic May, which includes moonlight tours to area dolmens!!!  Can’t miss that!

So, onward into the countryside…

Em 🙂


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