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Pedret i Marza and Peralada

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costamongesAs you step down out of the Serra de Rodes, you enter La Plana – the plane.  The largest town in Alt Emporda, Figueres, is found on the western edge of La Plana.  This area is home to a highly important migratory station for many of Europe’s birds, the Aiguamolls de l’Alt Emporda.  The Aiguamolls are a protected wetland nature park that is interlaced with trails, lakes and several birdwatching sites.  More than 300 species of bird visit this natural haven.  The Llobregat and Muga rivers (rius) are a very important ecological corridor connecting the Serra de l’Albera and the Aiguamolls

Pedret i Marza are two small towns between Vilajuiga and Peralada.  They are surrounded on all sides by agriculture.  Pastureland and crops dominate the area, due to the high fertility of the ancient flood plain.   Pedret is a tiny hamlet, with its picturesque esglesia, and Marza only slightly bigger, with remnants of defensive walls still visible.

Peralada stretches to the southwest of Marza and Gariguella.  The area was originally settled in 500 BC by the Iberic tribe, the Indiketes.  There is an important castle from the XIII c. with twin towers, covered in vines.  The original castell and the poblat were destroyed in 1285 and reconstructed several times over the centuries.  This particular façade is actually a renovation from later centuries, to fit in with Renaissance tastes.  There is a French jardin on the grounds, designed by Francois Duvilliers, that holds an ancient burial site.  The Castell contains a magnificent, famous casino.

I have listed several streets, as a whole, due to the quality of the older features located there, and/or the historical importance of the structures.  There is an important archaeological site at Placa Ramon Muntaner and Placa Gran has many important historic buildings.  Excavation has uncovered several layers of habitation at the Sant Domenech tourist center.   The Banco Popular building is also historically significant, due to its architecture.  I’m doing something new, as well.  I include the date of origin of the historical claim; i.e. chronology by stratigraphic evidence from archaeological study, or approximate date of build from known reference materials.  As always, even if it isn’t a listed building, it may still be very old.  The beauty lies in its resilience.

There are several festes celebrated throughout the year:

  • Festa de Sant Antoni Abat – the blessing of the animals, in January
  • Gran Cavallada – en equestrian celebration in spring
  • Carnaval – Feb or March, featuring the festa de Pasquetes (Easter) at the appropriate time
  • And during Setmana Santa, the Processo dels Dolors – the Procession of Pain
  • Festa de Sant Jordi – April
  • Diada de Corpus – June
  • Festa de Sant Joan – June
  • Carnestoltes i el Ranxo de Carnestoltes is a meat fair in spring
  • Cicle de concerts Claustre Sant Domenech – free concerts
  • Festival Internacional Castell de Peralada – July-August
  • Na Mercadera.- historical market & art fair in August
  • The Festa Major de Sant Marti
  • L’Aplec de Sardana (Sardana gathering – traditional dance) end of August
  • Festa de l’11 de Septembre – Diada de Catalunya commemorating the defeat of Aragon
  • Mostra de gastronomia Empordanesa – October – food
  • Festa Major de Vilanova de la Muga – December –
  • Pessebre Vivent – Christmas – living Christmas scenes

On an active note, there is a well-known golf course in Peralada, Club de Golf.

Catalan translation of the day:
Paret, mur, muralla- wall
Pilar – pillar
Volte – vault
Xemenia – chimney

Pedret i Marza

Sant Esteve de Pedret             12c     42°18’23.0317    03°04’58.1172
Portal de Castell de Marza     13c   42°18’39.5021   03°04’2.919″
Muralles de Marza                 13c      42°18’40.9123    03°04’0.3408″
Can Serra                                 16c        42°18’9.456    03°04’30.5495
Mas Can Sala                          18c       42°18’23.9672   03°04’30.3564
Mas Cabanes                             42°18’20.7465    03°04’15.5297


The Ajuntament de Peralada encompasses the town, itself, and several smaller veinats, including l’Estanyol, Vilanova de la Muga, Sant Joan Setcloses, Montmajor and Vallgornera.
Pont de Sant Joan (Mas d’en Cua)       16c    42°16’12.1294    03°04’19.0396
Can Xirivilla                                      42°16’34.0678    03°04’17.0698
Capella de Sant Joan Setcloses     8-10c    42°16’41.8266    03°04’19.7541
Can Nouviles (l’Estanyol)                           42°17’33.8883    03°04’40.1282
Esglesia de Santa Eulalia     Roman -218BC, 10c     42°16’48.3778″    03°02’33.7897
Murs Medievals a Vilanova d/l Muga    15c       42°16’46.7276    03°02’33.3069
Mas de les Torres,  c. Nou       17c              42°16’53.1643    03°02’38.0576
Rustia                       5c                                     42°17’10.202    03°02’21.4301
Mas Vincenc (Mas Blanc)    Roman -218BC    42°17’11.5735   03°02’52.4836
Can Joan & Can Ventola                  42°17’40.8595    03°02’2.3017
Can Clos                                                 42°18’7.8849    03°02’16.9497
Can Gori                                                42°18’17.8365   03°02’0.3222
Castell de Vallgornera (Can Modest de les Torres/Sant Jaume)      Roman -218BC, 13c    42°18’19.8467   03°02’3.4507
Sant Sebastia                    18c          42°18’19.9324    03°00’29.5369
Mas de Sant Llatzer               8c        42°18’23.3959     03°00’54.6038
Antiga Granja del Castell    Iberic & Roman  -300BC    42°18’20.9108    03°00’46.9176
36 Carrer de Sant Sebastia               42°18’24.5456   03°00’28.7451
Portal Sota Muralla                  13c         42°18’23.5244    03°00’31.3233
Restes de Antiga Muralles           10c    42°18’27.2235   03°00’35.7553
Portal del Compte & Tower      10c       42°18’26.2023    03°00′ 36.3057
Castell de Peralada                    14c        42°18’27.6519     03°00′ 9.8495  & gardens -650BC
Plaҫa & Claustre – Museu St Domenech     10-13c  42°18’25.9738    03°00’29.9714     grounds  -2500
Portal de Carrer de Burriana      13c     42°18’25.681   03°00’28.5424
Esglesia & Convent de Carme (Mare de Deu)   14c     42°18’27.7448    03°00’34.6353
Escala de Sant Sebastia –                42°18’25.5882    03°00’26.8719
Casa Avinyo –                        18c            42°18’25.9238    03°00’28.1271
33 Carrer del Forn                                42°18’24.6741    03°00’31.6129
27 Carrer de Forn            17c
Casa Serra – 14 Carrer de Forn      15c      42°18’26.7879    03°00’31.9026
Escala de Costas dels Tints           42°18’27.1521    03°00’25.8097
Escala de la Muralla                         42°18’28.6945    03°00’24.2261
Casa Bonal                                 18c            42°18’30.3655    03°00’27.992
Plaҫa Ramon Muntaner      Roman era
Plaҫa Gran                                 Roman, 14c, 17c, Casa Ramon Muntaner 14c
Casa 1 – 5 Carrer Albergueries      16c
Sant Marti                                    10c       42°18’30.0013    03°00′ 0.7053
Convent de Sant Bartomeu          18c         42°18’31.2295   03°00’28.7355
Portal de Costa de les Monges    10c    42°18’31.508   03°00’28.6003
Can Contesti                                       15c    42°18’30.7654    03°00’32.0378
Carretera de l’Hospital
Casa de les Bombes  (Antic Hospital)     15,16, 18c        42°18’31.9151    03°00’31.3233
Cases 1 & 3 Carrer Vilella          16-17c
Mas Moy                                              42°18’38.5345    03°00’29.3728
Barri de Sant Bernat                  -5500BC
Carrer de la Font                 5c         42°18’39.5485    03°00’29.0348
Carretera de Gariguella            -650BC
Pont de Ferro                         20c      42°18’42.3761    03°00’28.6775
Behind the cementiri       -650BC         42°18’46.9317    03°00’50.6641
Camp de Golf (Masos de la Garriga)    -300BC    42°18’50.9018    03°01’53.0802
Mas David                                       42°19’3.1541   02°59’43.6132
Sant Nazari de les Olives     12c         42°19’19.7679    02°59’43.3622
Les Costes (Forns de Carretera de Mollet) –  13c
Les Garrigues – Neolithic Final – -2500
Sant Amanc del Morassac           16c  42°19’53.2774    03°00’0.4339
Bunquers –                                    20c     42°20’16.7112   02°59’46.2976
Mas del Sepulcre                 13c        42°19’7.7021   02°59’12.9169
Mas la Cortalera                16c          42°20’1.2079   02°59’52.2843
hmmmmmmmm                             42°19’34.9099    03°02’39.6798
Can Tofol                                           42°19’51.0431    03°02’52.271


a travel brochure for the Costa Brava:



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