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Vilabertran and Cabanes

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Vilabertran is a small community bordered to the north by the Muga and to the south by the Manol.  The first reference to the town comes in the 10th century.  An important monastery, Monestir de Santa Maria de Vilabertran, was built there on the foundation of a smaller capella.  Eventually becoming a Canonica, the grounds now cover a large expanse, including the Esglesia, monastic quarter, a grand garden and the Palau de l’Abat.  The largest decorated silver processional cross in Catalunya, the Vera Creu, is kept there.

The Ajuntament of Vilabertran is located within the Torre d’en Reig.  It is a modern building, but there are many early buildings in the area, as well, with typical gothic and medieval adornments.  By gothic adornment, I don’t mean a black trenchcoat or black nail polish and a nose ring.   ;-p

The area is threaded with irrigation canals that feed the large quantity of agricultural entities in the area.  Hence, since 2000, on the third weekend of September, they celebrate La Fira de l’Horta i la Poma de Relleno, in coincidence with the Festa Major de Sant Ferriol.  Poma de Relleno is an apple stuffed with sausage and baked by the ladies of the town.

The Sons del Mon (Sounds of the World) is a music, gastronomy and wine fair held every in the l’Hort Prior (Priory Gardens). In 2013 it was held in the month of July.  There is also a festival honoring the famous composer, Schubert:  the Schubertiada, held on the grounds of the Canonica.  The other Festa Major is celebrated in August, honoring the town’s patron saint, Santa Maria.  For such a tiny town they certainly stay busy with the festivals.

Portal de l’Aigueta  20c  It looks old!                42°16’39.4904  02°58’11.7078
Canonica de Santa Maria de Vilabertran  (Monestir)    11c        42°16’54.836  02°58’45.0981
Torre d’en Reig (modernista)    19c                 42°17’0.8725  02°58’46.7203
Font de l’Abat  (Rentador de la Font)  5c        42°16’53.7859  2°58’37.8562
Can Gil  15c                                                    42°17’00.8368   02°58’52.8519
hmmmmmmmm                                                42°17’02.8442  02°58’50.5248


L’escut de Cabanes

Like Vilabertran next door, Cabanes is a largely horticultural town, lying on a highly fertile alluvial plane between two rivers, the Muga and Llobregat.  The area is subject to occasional inundations due to the proximity.  Settlement may go back as far as Roman times, but there is no hard evidence to this point.  The town is first mentioned in the 9th c texts.  A castell was built in the 11th c, but only the clock tower remains.

There is also a town called Cabanes in the Plana Alta comarca, Pais Valencia, that has a 2nd c Roman triumphal arch, in case there is any confusion.

In January, the Festa Major de Sant Vicenҫ is celebrated and in May, the Festa de Sant Isidre.

Xemenia de la Fabrica de Dinamita  19c            42°17’34.1169  02°57’41.0985
Casa 5 Carrer Colom   14c                                 42°18’30.237  02°58’40.7433
Mas Ribas    18c                                             42°18’11.8056  02°59’00.7794
La Torre  (Castell de Cabanes)  12c, 14c       42°18’25.2383  02°58’37.9044
Esglesia de Sant Vicenҫ  19c                          42°18’25.7524  02°58’39.4977
Casal del 20 Carrer Canal  16c                         42°18’27.9876  02°58’39.5749
Ca l’Avia   16c                                                   42°18’28.2089  02°58’38.3486
Porxada (portico) del Carrer Canal  19c     42°18’27.9376  02°58’38.1748
Ermita de Sant Sebastia  18c                             42°18’26.1952  02°58’41.1585
Esglesia del Monestir de Sant Feliu de Cadins  12c  42°18’24.3385  02°57’35.3822
Casa de Can Vanover  17c                             42°18’27.5734  02°58’41.0813
Esglesia del Cementiri  5c                               42°18’23.1245  02°58’49.9551

Another excellent historic blog:

Catalan translation of the day:

gener –                       January
febrer –                       February
marҫ –                         March


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