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Our first Catalan translation of the day is figueres – figs in English.  The capital of Alt Emporda is the birthplace of Salvador Dali.  Figueres lies at a cross roads linking Barcelona/Rosello and France and the rest of Alt Emporda.  There is a significant urban area, surrounded by developments, amid countryside.  The first record of habitation is in the vicinity of the Castell de Sant Ferran where a primitive settlement of the Indiketes tribe has been found (600BCE).  Around 194CE Romans created a small settlement in the lower zone, on the Via Domitia.  A mansion from the period has been found in the l’Aigueta area.  There are also remains of the Via Augusta to the east of the town.

The medieval period marked significant growth in the town after years of outside conflict from Visigoths, Saracens, the French, etc…  It was around the 13th c that the original walls were installed in a rectangle following present day streets:  Besalu, Pujada de Castell, Canigo, and la Jonquera.  These walls were expanded in the 14th c to include Ample, Monturiol and la Rambla.  There are many examples of architecture styles of more recent times, including noucentisme, eclectic and modernist.  Not much is left of the medieval past.  These ancient remains are certainly built into and under the current structures.  Occasional evidence of the past will turn up during construction operations, with several notable sites already listed, but inaccessible.

In 1419, Alfons IV instituted the first festa de Santa Creu on May 3rd.  This has remained the Festa Major of the town, and is still celebrated on this date.  Along with the yearly festivities surrounding Pascua and Nadal, there are several other fires and festes:

Fira de Brunyol (fritters!) – March 3
Firagri – Agriculture – early March
Santa Creu I Embarraca’t – May 3
Mostra de Vi (Wine!) – June 9 – July 9
Diada de Sant Pere – June 29
Festival de Jazz de Figueres – self-explanatory
Acustica – end of August, beginning of Sept.
Festicurt – short film festival


  • Palol de Vila-Sacra  5c  42°16’20.95 03°00’54.063
  • Sant Antoni  42°16’09.1748  02°59’39.4611
  • Can Pages  42°16’08.1959  02°59’41.7496
  • Sant Joan de Vilatenim  218BC  42°16’16.2557  02°59’41.4986
  • Torre and Ermita de Sant Pau de la Calҫada  5c  42°14’57.18  02°58’29.27
  • Rec de la Calcada  -218 BC  Via Romana (Via Augusta, strata Franҫigena)
  • Necropolis del Camp del Sant Roc  2c
  • Mas Miquelo  42°15’18.2014  02°58’33.9455
  • Capella de Sant Sebastia  42°16’05.8307 02°57’47.8576
  • Antic Convent de Caputxins  42°16’14.5552   02°57’48.3115
  • Antic Portal, 6 Carrer de la Jonquera  42°16’03.5942  02°57’38.8293
  • Esglesia de Sant Pere  42°16’04.1516   02°57’35.9615
  • Mas Torrent  42°16’19.6782  02°57 33.7889
  • l’Aigueta  42°16’32.8246  02°58’06.7447
  • casa en ruines  42°16’36.6112 02°57’42.1027
  • Mas Gitano  42°17’09.402  02°57’57.7453
  • Cementiri Jueu (medieval) 42°16’03.1869  02°57’15.0274
  • Castell de Sant Ferran  18c.  42°16’25.1655   02°56’47.3341
  • els Arcs  18c. aqueduct  42°16’34.6822  02°56’27.5587
  • Puig de les Basses  42°17’03.2299  02°56’05.5432

Museu de Joguet (Toys) de Catalunya
Museu de l’Emporda
Museu de la Tecnica de l’Emporda
Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dali

Catalan Translation of the Day

  • ovella                         sheep
  • vaca                            cow
  • cabra                          goat




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