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Empuries (Greek: Emporion, Latin: Emporiae) was established in 575 BCE by the Greeks, in land inhabited by the Indigetes, in what is now the town of L’Escala, Alt Emporda.  It was later transformed into a Roman city, and the gradual conquest of Spain was undertaken largely through the city.  What remains are the well-quarried ruins of a once great port.  The foundations of several buildings remain and you can observe mosaics, as well as a few statues and temples, etc.

I am giving it a separate page because it is so important, historically and, subsequently, archaeologically.  It is the subject of ongoing excavations and study.  Only about 25% has actually been dug up, so far.  I would love to help…

In 1909, a statue of Asclepius was found, partly damaged, laying at the bottom of a cistern at the temple dedicated to the god.  It must be very satisfying to happen upon a find like that. I can imagine the emotion and awe the archaeologists would feel as the figure is gradually exposed.  Elation, relief, curiosity, delight, etc…  It’s the culmination of the dream that leads to pursuing the profession.







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